ff," and to teach her ambitious neighbors a thing or two about entertainments. Invitations were accordingly sent t

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o all the New Englanders in the settlement,

  • including rich and poor, you

  • ng and old, and extensive

  • preparations made for the gr

  • eatest social event of the s


eason. Among those who accepted the invitat

  • ion were the Aliens, the She

  • ffields, the Townsends, the

  • Wrights, the Eberts, the Wym

  • ans, the Olmsteads, the Cham


berlains, the Fessendens, the Honeywells, an

  • d the Moores. These with m

  • any others gathered round th

  • e glowing, crackling fire, above which

  • a huge new potash kettle wa


s suspended by crotched sticks. "It will so

  • on be ready to pour into the

  • smaller kittle," said Eph

  • raim Bancroft, "for it has b

  • een boilin' stiddy since mor

Can't decide which one best suits you?

nin'. I only found out this spring t

ere the recipients of numerous vis

hat it takes nearly twice as long to boil down the last sap of the season as it does

the first, and it is not near so sweet." "Be careful, Ephraim," said Mrs. Bancroft, "you're pilin' on too much wood. It's getting quite syrupy, an' you'll burn it if you're not more careful. Keep the fire low and stiddy." The young people were having a gay time coasting

down hill over the 'crust' on Dudley Moore's traineau, while the men and women "hugged" the fire and discussed the all-absorbing subject of the American invasion. The Chief had just returned from Montreal, and had the latest war news, which was received with keenest interest. "It wa

s rumored," he said, "that Wilkinson was